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Expert technology engineering and consulting

Your trusted partner for comprehensive technology engineering solutions and consulting services.


What We Deliver

Valued Technical Resource

Experienced team focused on the constantly evolving technology industry

Strategic Team Augmentation

Add the essential extension to your team for a flawless technology installation

Seamless Implementation 

Navigate effortlessly from specification to install - our experience ensures swift system deployment

Our Services

Audiovisual and Communications Infrastructure

Physical Security

Fortifying protection and surveillance systems with advanced physical security engineering for unparalleled safety.

Cellular Enhancement

Amplifying connectivity and network performance through expert cellular enhancement solutions.

Physical Security and Cellular Enhancement

Campus Master Planning

Crafting strategic blueprints for seamless technology integration through comprehensive campus master planning

Data Center Migration

Ensuring a smooth transition and optimal performance with precision-driven data center migration expertise.

Client Representation and Vendor Management


Elevating immersive experiences with state-of-the-art audio-visual engineering tailored to your needs.

Communications Infrastructure

Enhancing connectivity and reliability through cutting-edge solutions in communications infrastructure engineering.

Smart Building and Technology Standards

Smart Building

Revolutionizing spaces with intelligent design and integration of smart building technologies for enhanced efficiency.

Technology Standards

Setting the benchmark for technological excellence throughout companies.

Campus Master Planning and Data Center Migration

Client Representation

Advocating for your interests with dedicated client representation services, ensuring your vision is realized.

Vendor Management

Streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency through expert vendor management solutions.

Industries We Serve

About Us

At The Karr Group, we are an experienced technology engineering and consulting firm dedicated to successfully bringing technology projects online. With a long history of extensive technology engineering experience spanning diverse disciplines, industries, and the US, we specialize in guiding our clients from project inception to seamless completion. Our primary focus revolves around supporting clients with their evolving technology needs and we are committed to excellence. Our dynamic scope and expertise continuously evolve to meet our clients' ever-growing and changing demands, ensuring transformative solutions and unmatched project success.

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